Choreography & Music

Premier Spirit Athletics offers custom choreography and custom cheer music. Our staff has had many years of experience in developing unique and original routines for various youth, high school, college and All-star teams. All of our current staff members are judges and know exactly what elements are needed to develop a winning routine. If you are looking to give your current routine a boost or have one of our staff members develop a custom routine for your team, please contact us today.

Prices vary depending on your teams needs. Call for an estimate.

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Literally, my formative years were spent here and made me the great cheerleader and person I am today. Without Ashley (the owner) and other staff members, I would not be half the woman I've become. I am forever grateful of the knowledge, memories, experiences, and friends I have from premier spirit athletics. If I could do it differently, I would have started here earlier! Go PSA! A legacy of champions has begun. Premier spirit second to none! - Paige